linea pelle offers full service partnership, from seasonal product design through production delivery, sales analysis and rapid replenishment support. The formation of partnerships with clients that are long lasting is the focus, and we do everything possible to provide an ideal vertically integrated process.

In addition to manufacturing and logistics, Linea Pelle will turn your initial concept to the design. We have a team of expert designers in the areas of textile and leather products.

design process

market research

our collaborative approach to design mixes current trend, global influence, in-house innovation, and analysis of sales and current in-store assortment to create a well-balanced, brand-right line for each customer.

tech packs

seasonal tech packs are created to capture all components and details for a successful design. all custom hardware has exact specifications to approve size, closures and mechanisms to logos or graphics.


all sample prototypes are inspected to ensure that details are captured correctly: raw materials, stitch and thread color, hardware and finish. this also affords the luxury of making necessary changes as required.

final product

We have immense experience handling all aspects of product development; from their infancy to full scale production.